Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Arheološki vestnik is the central Slovenian archaeological journal. It publishes original scientific and professional contributions that present findings in the field of archaeology in the eastern/south-eastern Alpine, northern Adriatic and western Balkan regions with an emphasis on the territory of modern Slovenia and neighbouring countries. It also welcomes discussions on new theoretical aspects/concepts, methodological approaches and critical assessments, but also contributions from other scientific fields that complement archaeology in shedding light on the history of the regions(ancient/Greek and Roman history, epigraphy, numismatics, physical anthropology, archaeozoology, archaeobotany, archaeoastronomy, palaeoenvironment and others).Also accepted for publication are thematic setsfrom scientific conferences and meetings.

Contributions are published in Slovenian and other languages, with summaries or full translations as well as abstracts in Slovenian and English.

The journal includes numerous drawings, plans, tables and maps of a high technical standard.

The journal is published annually, from 1950in printed form and from Issue 39–40 (1988–89) onwards also in digital form on the internet (issues online).

Publisher: Inštitut za arheologijo ZRC SAZU (Institut of Archaeology at the Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Co-publisher: SAZU

Book exchange is also possible. Arheološki vestnik is annually sent to roughly 450 addresses at home and abroad.


It is included in various bibliographic collections and indexes:

ISSN 0570-8966, 20 x 29 cm, hardcover
ISSN 1581-1204 - for web publishing

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