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  1. Accepting contributions
  2. General guidelines
  3. Body of the text
  4. Illustrative material
  5. Preparing illustrative material
  6. Peer-review
  7. Copyright



The Editorial Board accepts articles that were not and will not be published in the same form elsewhere.

Articles are accepted all year round and published according to a decision made by the Editorial Board on the basis of a positive review of the referees, usually in order of arrival and of the concluded redaction, but also in view of a balanced representation of various topics within a particular issue.

Articles must be submitted in digital formats to the editor-in-chief (tecco@zrc-sazu.si).



Articles should be concisely written and adhere to the guidelines. They should be logically structured and divided into chapters.

Language(s): Apart from articles in Slovenian, those written in other languages are also welcome and should include a summary to be translated into Slovenian and an abstract in English.

Articles to be published in Arheološki vestnik should contain:

Article title in the selected language and in English
Author’s full name, postal and e-mail addresses
Abstract in English that should not exceed 1000 characters including spaces
Up to 8 keywords in English
Body of the text that should not exceed 150 000 characters including spaces
Source and reference list written in accordance with the guidelines
Summary to be translated into Slovenian
List of illustrations with captions written in accordance with the guidelines

We also welcome book reviews and discussions.


3 BODY OF THE TEXT should be submitted:

It is desirable for the author to provide the translation of the abstract and summary, whereby the name of the translator should be stated. If the translation submitted has already been checked, the name of the editor should be stated. If not, this will be provided by the editor. The author should assist in the editorial and reviewing process when requested. He or she receives a proof of the text and is requested to correct it within three weeks of reception.

Citing references and sources in the article and composing the reference list (pdf)



Illustrations should be referred to using the following abbreviations given in italic: Fig. (figure), Pl. (plate), Tab. (table), while Inserts are spelled out in full.
…The rare finds include a well-preserved iron horse bit (Pl. 12: 1; 13: 2,3,8; 16; 18; fig. 2: 4,5; 3; 4; Insert 3)...

The list of illustration with captions should either be added at the end of the text or in a separate file. The captions must state the site name, illustration content, material and scale, the latter only if not already on the illustration.
Pl. 15: Strmec above Bela Cerkev. Cemetery Košak B, Grave 1. 1,3 iron; 2 iron and bronze. Scale 1,2 = 1:2; 3 = 1:4.

Fig. 4: The building inscription of Augustus and Tiberius (CIL III 10768 = AIJ 170a = ILJug 303 = RINMS 34).

Tab. 1: Representation of individual large mammalian taxa in the material from Grublje, acquired during the excavations of 2008. Number of Identified Specimens; NISP, and the Minimum Number of Individuals; MNI, are given. Abbreviation: CsCc – Caprinae s. Capreolus capreolus.

Insert 1: Map of the Bronze Age sites. Scale = 1:250.



Illustrative material (tables, graphs, drawings, sketches, plans, photographs, maps and plates) is usually published in Arheološki vestnik in black-and-white and greyscale, only exceptionally in colour. Only digitally prepared material is accepted and should be sent on a CD or electronically, but also printed together with the text and sent to the address of the editors stated above. The material digitally prepared at the Institute of Archaeology, Research centre SASA, will not be made available to the author.


Tables and graphs

Maps and plans

Raster graphics

Vector graphics



All articles are peer-reviewed. The reviewing procedure is performed either by one of the members of the Editorial Board or an outside expert within six weeks of reception. The reviewers and the Editorial Board can propose to refuse the publication of the article. The author is informed on acceptance or refusal of the contribution by the editor-in-chief, who also proposes possible revisions or additions on the basis of the reviewer’s comments. If the author disagrees with the reviewer’s comments, he must present his or her arguments in writing to the Editorial Board, which then considers them.



In all copyright matters, the publisher of the journal acts in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act of the Republic of Slovenia. Author's moral rights for the contributions sent for publication to Arheološki vestnik remain with the author, while the author's material rights to one-time publication in printed and digital form are ceded to the publisher without fee.

Warning: Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to use and reproduce illustrative material and sources to which they do not own copyright and bear full responsibility in case of disputes.

Contributions published in Arheološki vestnik involve no honoraria, neither for authors nor for the reviewers.

The author is entitled to one free copy of the publication; he or she also receives the contribution in electronic form (.pdf).

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