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Dragan BOŽIČ:

Die Erforschung der Latènezeit in Slowenien seit Jahr 1964
(Raziskovanje latenske dobe na Slovenskem po letu 1964)


Investigations of the La Tène period in Slovenia after 1964 were influenced to some extent by various scientific meetings. Numerous excavations were carried out at cemeteries (e.g. at Brežice and Novo mesto) and mostly hill-top settlements (e. g. at the settlement Cvinger above Vir pri Stični and at numerous other hillforts throughout the Dolenjska and Štajerska regions), while at Kobarid in the Soča valley a sanctuary was excavated. This 35 year period is also characterized by systematic efforts to publish important grave finds discovered already in the time of Austria-Hungary, and for the large part preserved in Ljubljana and Vienna (e.g. the finds from Bela Cerkev and Idrija pri Bači). A resourceful selection of literature concerning La Tene cultural groups, sites and finds in Slovenia includes numerous scientific articles published in Slovenia and abroad, synthetic works, catalogues of finds, exhibition catalogues as well as some popular contributions in encyclopedias, such as that in the recently published Zakladi tisočletij (Treasures of the Millennia).

Stane Gabrovec and Mitja Guštin divided the La Tène culture in Slovenia into four groups: the Mokronog group, extending into central and eastern Slovenia, the Vinica group in the greater part of the Bela krajina region, the Notranjska and Kras group in the Notranjska and Karst regions and finally, the Idrija group in the region of the Soča river and probably also in the Bohinj basin. The article only briefly discusses the last three groups, while the Mokronog group is represented in greater detail. In addition to its cemeteries and settlements, the relative chronological classification of five phases (Mokronog I, IIa, IIb, IIIa and IIIb), which can be paralleled with the LT B2, C1, C2, D1 and D2 phases of the La Tene culture in Central Europe, is also presented.

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