Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Janez DULAR, Borut KRIŽ, Primož PAVLIN, Drago SVOLJŠAK in Sneža TECCO HVALA:

Prehistoric elevated settlements in the Krka River valley
(Vorgeschichtliche Höhensiedlungen im Krkatal)


This article publishes the results of test excavations at six elevated settlements in the Krka River valley. The field surveys, finds and the chronological classification of the settlements are presented. The settlement of Stari grad near Zagrad is from the Bronze Age, Vihra above Draga from the Eneolithic and the late Bronze Age, while the settlements of Kočnik above Segonje and Mastni hrib near Škocjan were inhabited only in the late Bronze Age. At Gradec under Otavnik traces were documented from three periods of settlement: the early and late Bronze Age and the period of late Antiquity. The settlement at Veliki Vinji vrh belongs to the Iron Age. The ruins of two Hallstatt period enclosing walls and a La Tène wall were discovered at this site, as well as the remains of several buildings at the edge of the settlement.

Full text (pdf)
Appendix 1 and appendix 2 (pdf)

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