Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Andrej GASPARI, Robert KREMPUŠ, Miran ERIČ, Silvo BOKAL and Andrej ŠEMROV:

Archaeological site in the Savinja River near Celje
(Archäologischer Fundort im Flußbett der Savinja in Celje)


This article deals with an underwater site in the Savinja River near Celje. Numerous objects ranging in date from the Urnfield Culture period to the recent past were discovered during dredging of the river bed. Of particular interest was a find of eastern Norican silver coins, evaluated as including at least 10,000 coins. Particular attention was paid to the study of how the site was formed and the provenience of the artifacts, as well as to the use of virtual reconstruction of the discovered topographical situation. Through the analysis of the archaeological evidence and the morphology of the broader region, Seidl's theory of the bifurcation of the Savinja River and a Roman settlement on an isle was again presented and additionally illuminated. The article includes a description of a small bronze statuette of Harpocrates, while the catalogue includes 76 specimens of typical metal finds with specific locations of discovery.

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