Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Neva TRAMPUŽ OREL in David John HEATH:

The Kanalski Vrh hoard - a case study of the metallurgical knowledge and metals at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC


The study is initiated into a detailed analysis of chemical and archaeological data about the Late Bronze Age hoard Kanalski Vrh, dated to 11th /10th cent. BC. The hoard-find takes an important place among the Ha B hoards in the Southeastern Alpine region (the present Slovenia); it contains a large quantity of metal semi- products (cast ingots), numerous, well preserved jewellery (wheel-shaped pendants etc.) and other prestige objects, which exhibit the best connections not only to the Caput Adriae region but also to the broader territories of Middle Europe, particularly to its western part. The study tries to apply the importance of this hoard on the basis of the technology of its jewellery and ingots (tinning, the use of polymetallic ore sources for producing a special metal, i.e. speiss). Possibilities for a metal workshop in the vicinity of the hoard are discussed and data enabling the reconstruction of ancient routes for metal trade between the Eastern Alps, the northern Adriatic and the western edge of the Pannonian plain are presented.

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