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Ivan TURK, Drago SKABERNE, Bonnie A. B. BLACKWELL in Janez DIRJEC:

Morphometric and chronostratigraphic sedimentary analysis and paleoclimatic interpretation for the profile at Divje babe I, Slovenia


New ESR dates coupled with morphometric analyses of the clastic sediments and diagenetic aggregates were used to determine sedimentation rates, as well as relative humidity and especially paleotemperatures during sediment formation for the Palaeolithic deposits at Divje babe I (Slovenia). Sediment was analyzed for post-depositional frost weathering (cataclasis or congelifraction), pre- depositional corrosion on the ancient cave walls and aggregate formation. Paleotemperature determinations were verified by comparing with palynlogical determinations. In comparing the Divje babe I paleoclimatic curve with global d18O and palynological paleoclimatic records, the Palaeolithic sequence at Divje babe I correlates well with Dansgaard-Oeschger (DO) Events (= pollen Interstadials) in Oyxgen Isotope Stage (OIS) 3 to OIS 5e inclusive. Layer 8, which hosted the purported flute correlates with the DO Event 14 (= Moershoofd and Glinde Interstadials) within OIS 3. This study represents the first attempt to directly correlate climatostratigraphic features in a Slovenian cave with global paleoclimatic events, and hence with other Palaeolithic sites.

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