Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Anton VELUŠČEK, Katarina ČUFAR

Dendrochronological investigation into the pile-dwelling settlements of the Ljubljana Marshes - the situation in 2001


The results are presented of dendrochronological research at six prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements of the Ljubljana Marshes in 1995-2001. With the aid of 13 radio-carbon dated chronologies of the annual ring widths, the most dependable absolute chronological framework to date has been established for settlements from the fourth millenniums BC (Hoèevarica, Spodnje mostišèe 1 and 2), and the third millennium (Parte-Išèica, Parte, Založnica). It has also been established that the nearby sites of Spodnje mostišèe 1 and 2 represent one settlement. The approximately 10 km distant settlements of Parte and Založnica existed at the same time. Within the pile-dwelling settlements, the phases of construction and the plans of dwellings have been reconstructed, which shows that buildings were placed at the same spot in varied chronological periods. The advantages and disadvantages of taking samples of archaeological wood from rivers, drainage ditches, previous excavations, and archaeological trenches are discussed.

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