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Janez DULAR in Borut KRIŽ:

Iron Age settlement on the Cvinger near Dolenjske Toplice
(Eisenzeitliche Siedlung auf dem Cvinger bei Dolenjske Toplice)


The article presents the Iron Age settlement complex of Cvinger near Dolenjske Toplice, which is composed of three tumulus cemeteries, a settlement, and an iron smelting area. Particular attention is paid to the investigation of the settlement, where six trenches were excavated between 1986 and 1991. Research has shown that Cvinger near Dolenjske Toplice was settled at the end of the late Bronze Age. After this first phase, when the settlement was fortified with an earthen bank and ditch, Cvinger was abandoned for a lengthy period. It was resettled only in the late Hallstatt period, when it was again fortified, this time with a stone rampart. Inhabitation of the settlement in the late Iron Age has not yet been proven.

Keywords: Slovenia, Dolenjska, late Bronze Age, early Iron Age, settlement, tumulus cemeteries, stone rampart, iron smeltig area

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