Inštitut za arheologijo  ZRC SAZU


Andrej GASPARI, Robert KREMPUŠ in Danijela BRIŠNIK:

A Celtic warrior grave from Slatina v Rožni dolini near Celje?


The article discusses 14 iron objects, kept by a local collector in Velenje, which are supposed to have come from an as yet unknown Celtic warrior grave at Slatina v Rožni dolini near Celje. A sword with a scabbard, a belt set, a shorter spear head, a shield umbo, scissors, a razor, and fibulae form a characteristic inventory of a male burial from the late phase of the middle La Tène period (LT C2), and corresponds well both with the chronology and the forms of the other material from Slatina. Among the objects, which display a similar degree of patina and preservation, stand out an slashing knife (Hiebmesser) with a rivet, the first such find in the territory of the Mokronog Group, a decorated curved knife, and a forked tool, which primarily have analogies in the late La Tène graves from the region of the Scordisci, as well as a longer spear head. The possibility cannot be excluded that some of the objects could have been excavated from later burials, but they could also come from illegal excavations in the Danubian basin.

Keywords: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, late Iron Age, Celts, warrior grave, weapons, tools, attire elements

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