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François Zoltán HORUSITZKY:

Les artefacts en os et bois de cerf à Bukovac, Lokve (Croatie)
Une seconde flûte possible ?

Relations entre les chasseurs de Lokve et les montagnards d’Olcheva au début du Paléolithique supérieur

(Bone and antler artifacts from the cave Bukovac, Lokve (Croatia)
Another presumed flute?)


The possibility of another “flute” at the Bukovac cave near Lokve. Discussion of the famous rib of three holes with a clear contra-lateral biting by animal tooth. Mysterious, entirely closed cave bear radius with a man-made hole. Reconstruction and acoustical study of two preforated juvenile cave bear femurs. It will be shown that the well known spearhead could have been a split-base point. Discussion of analogies and chronology of bone and antler points with split-base and massive base. Equal resistance evaluation of the points and their evolution in the Early Upper Palaeolithic. Comparison of the Bukovac spearhead with similar points. Discussion of the “Olschewian” concept by Bayer. Relations between the cultural center of Olševa and the secondary hunting stations of Bukovac, Badl-höhle, Salzofenhöhle etc. Parallel evolution in Aurignac.

Keywords: Bukovac cave near Lokve, Croatia, Potoèka zijalka, Slovenia, Aurignacien, paleolithic flutes, bone points

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