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Wolfgang BREIBERT:

Das karolingerzeitliche Hügelgräberfeld von Wimm, MG Maria Taferl, VB Melk, Niederösterreich
Untersuchungen zur Problematik frühmittelalterlicher Bestattungssitten im niederösterreichischen Donauraum
(The Carolingian tumulus cemetery at Wimm (Melk district, Lower Austria))


The Carolingian tumulus cemetery at Wimm is situated in Austria, in the federal province of Lower Austria. It lies in the vicinity of the well-known place of pilgrimage Maria Taferl, in the Melk district, on the ”Hurd” field in Waldviertel, in the granite and gneiss highland. H. Friesinger carried out systematic excavations at the site between 1973 and 1978. 55 tumuli with 79 burials were documented. Without exception, all of the burials were inhumation graves. The material goods incorporate Late Avar and Early Carolingian elements. The author strove not to let the historical turning point, which written sources ascribe to the Avar wars and consequences thereof after the year 800, influence the chronological analysis of material finds. He allowed for the possibility presented by the material finds, that the mixed inventory of Late Avar and Early Carolingian horizon might also be dated to the entire 8th century. He further researched the possibility of ethnic evaluation of the inventory. This leads to issues regarding ethnic and cultural circumstances, funerary rites and customs during the Early Carolingian period and the Late Avar period in the Lower Austrian Danube region.

Keywords: Wimm, Austria, early Middle Ages, cemetery, skeleton graves, grave architecture, tools, weapons, attire, pottery

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