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Sigrid EHRENREICH, Gerald FUCHS and Reinhold WEDENIG
mit einem Nachtrag von Harald W. MÜLLER

Ein municipaler Quaestor von Celeia im mittleren Murtal
Die Grabinschrift vom Kirchberg bei Deutschfeistritz, Steiermark

(The tombstone of a municipal quaestor of Celeia found in Austrian Styria)


A Roman tombstone inscription came to light in 2004 in a church near Deutschfeistritz in the Mur valley about 20 km northwest of Graz. It had been fragmented and partly damaged in the course of secondary use as a building element. The beginning of the text is not preserved. One of the family members to be commemorated was a previously unknown municipal quaestor from Celeia. Due to its dimensions, the marble piece once must have been part of a monumental tomb structure. The site of the tomb is unidentified but it certainly belonged to the administrative area of Flavia Solva. The archaeological surroundings contain several remains from the Roman period, e.g. two milestones and a whole series of settlement remains.

Keywords: Kirchberg, Deutschfeistritz, Steiermark, Austria, Roman period, Noricum, Celeia, Roman tombstone, Latin inscription, municipal quaestor

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