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Claustra Alpium Iuliarum, tractus Italiae circa Alpes and the defence of Italy in the final part of the Late Roman period


n recent years, there has been a lively discussion that focuses, either partially or more integrally, on the claustra Alpium Iuliarum barrier system, its inclusion in the poorly understood tractus Italiae circa Alpes and the Late Roman defence of northern Italy in general. This contribution adds to the discussion and first tackles the different dating of the forts and fortlets of the claustra system and the late dating of the barrier walls by some authors. The contribution briefly deals with the identification of the forts of the tractus, which is understood as part of a broadly-based defence of Italy rather than a single sector of defence in the Julian Alps. It also tackles the chronology and character of the fortified hilltop sites that have, in a certain period and in certain places, a completely military character and point to a defence-in-depth of Italy.

Keywords: Slovenia, Italy, Late Roman period, claustra Alpium Iuliarum, tractus Italiae circa Alpes, fortified hilltop settlements, defence-in-depth

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