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Katarina UDOVČ

Late La Tène pottery kiln from Kapiteljski hrib in Novo mesto


With its cathedral of St Nicholas, the hill of Kapiteljski hrib is a dominant feature of Novo mesto’s townscape, which has been inhabited from the Late Bronze Age onwards. The archaeological investigations conducted on its western slope in 2004, in advance of slope consolidation, revealed a pottery kiln, which was partially excavated. The kiln contained sherds of various vessels, such as jars with restricted necks, wide jars with combed decorations, and moulded pedestal goblets. The diagnostic pottery forms indicate a dating to the Late Iron Age, specifically to its Late La Tène phase of LT D1, according to the central European chronology, which has been confirmed by the results of the radiocarbon analysis of a pig bone also found in the kiln.

Keywords: Slovenia, Novo mesto, Kapiteljski hrib, La Tène period, LT D, pottery kiln, pottery

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