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Lucija GRAHEK:

A Hallstatt tumulus at Hrib in Metlika


This article presents for the first time the tumulus I excavated in 1987 at Hrib in Metlika, where 90 graves were discovered, all the burials of the cremation type with the exception of 8 inhumation graves. In addition to the usual form of cremation burial, there were also cremation graves with stone circles. The tumulus was used uninterruptedly for burial from the period of the Ljubljana I phase to the end of the Stična 2 phase. This was thus a burial mound from the very beginning of the Hallstatt period in Lower Carniola (Dolenjska) and in White Carniola (Bela krajina), which offers several new elements in the framework of the Lower Carniola Hallstatt group.

Keywords: White Carniola, late Bronze Age, early Iron Age, tumulus, cremation graves, inhumation graves, cremation graves with stone circles, pottery, grave goods

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